Benefits to the Community

Building a New American Industry

Ocean Wind Pro-NJ Grantor Trust

We believe that offshore wind presents an opportunity not just for developers but for local businesses as well, which begins with building a domestic supply chain. Ocean Wind has established the $15 million Pro-NJ Grantor trust. The Trust offers small, women-owned and minority owned businesses support in re-tooling their businesses to participate in the offshore wind industry. The fund also provides funding for infrastructure resiliency improvements in Atlantic, Ocean and Cape May counties.

If you are a business owner and you believe that your business meets these requirements we encourage you to visit the site for more information on how to apply.


The Pro-NJ Trust will offer support to small, women-owned and minority-owned businesses as well as shore communities to support coastal resiliency.

Community involvement

Ocean Wind is giving back to the New Jersey community through its Ørsted Cares program with its partner NJ Shares. Funded through a $200,000 grant, Ørsted Cares provides emergency financial assistance for electric customers in Atlantic, Cape May and Ocean counties facing a financial crisis.

The project also participates in other programs such as the innovative Live Classroom along with its partner JINGOLI  an internationally recognized construction company. The program is a first-of-its-kind weekly offshore wind training course for high school students in Atlantic City.

Ocean Wind also works with many stakeholders throughout the state. The project has signed memorandums of understanding with Stockton University, Rutgers University and Rowan University. These MOUs help Ocean Wind engage directly with the academic community for research projects and STEM programming.

Responsible development and environmental stewardship

Sustainability and environmental stewardship are top priorities for both Ørsted and PSEG. Additionally, working closely with coastal and maritime stakeholders is a top priority for the Ocean Wind project and Ørsted more broadly across its portfolio of projects. Ocean Wind engages local communities, wildlife advocates, fishing communities, and other key stakeholders with a local team based in Atlantic, Ocean and Cape May Counties to ensure that the construction and operation of Ocean Wind is done responsibly.

As a result of stakeholder feedback, we have already voluntarily moved the closest point of Ocean Wind from 8 miles to 15 miles from shore. Also, Ørsted has hired a Fisheries Liaison and the local team is working closely with NJ Audubon, the National Wildlife Federation, and other key stakeholders to protect wildlife and marine ecosystems. Ocean Wind will also fund scientific research of offshore wind impacts at New Jersey’s leading academic institutions such as Rutgers University and Stockton University.


Mariners fishing next to a wind farm

Keeping mariners informed

As good neighbors and fellow ocean users, Ørsted regularly updates mariners on our current marine operations.