Ocean Wind 1:
Bringing benefits to local communities

Offshore wind farms like New Jersey’s Ocean Wind 1 create jobs, boost local economies, preserve biodiversity, fund research, and improve climate health.

Why do offshore wind farms take years to develop?  

Because planning and building them requires a meticulous approach that addresses local environmental needs. That’s why projects like Ocean Wind 1 undergo hundreds of hours of seabed studies, geological analyses, fishery surveys, environmental impact studies, and stakeholder input before anything is installed.

Once turbines are built, they then have less than 4% the lifecycle emissions of fossil fuels. Ocean Wind 1 alone will eliminate 110 million tons of CO2 from New Jersey’s air. This helps mitigate climate change, protect marine species, and preserve the ocean for industries like energy, fishing, and tourism.

All research funds, grants, and investments related to Ocean Wind 1 feed directly into New Jersey communities. Overall, the project will deliver $695 million in local investment, jobs, training, energy security, infrastructure, and climate health.

I’m a third-generation resident of Bungalow Park, and I’m thrilled to have Ocean Wind 1 build their O&M facility here. In exchange for a little land, we get high-paying local jobs, a clean environment, and a better neighborhood.

Frank Becktel

Bungalow Park, Resident

Partnership spotlight

Creating a Pro-NJ

Grantor trust

Ocean Wind 1’s $15 million trust is helping improve infrastructure resiliency for coastal communities in Atlantic, Cape May, and Ocean counties.

Our place in your community

Promoting job creation, training, and economic development

What is our impact on your community? It’s job creation, workforce development and training, new infrastructure, and supply chain expansion.

Ocean Wind 1 will bring hundreds of temporary and permanent jobs in construction, operations, and maintenance to Atlantic City. At the Port of Paulsboro, we’re building the first monopile manufacturing facility in the U.S., expanding the state’s domestic offshore wind supply chain. Our contracts with JINGOLI Power and Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company will create 275 well-paid jobs in engineering, procurement, and construction. And our contract with the New Jersey Wind  Port will bring 200 marshalling jobs to South Jersey.
For students, Ørsted has launched a 10-year, $1.5 million scholarship and career development program. We’re working with institutions like Rutgers University, Rowan College of South Jersey, and Leaders in Training to train a new generation in offshore wind.

Launching NJ's first wind technician training program

Having launched the pilot of Wind Power Ready: Atlantic City, we’re excited to train two dozen New Jersey locals to become some of America's first offshore wind turbine technicians.

Meeting energy targets while respecting natural ecosystems 

New Jersey aims to achieve 11 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind energy by 2040 as part of a statewide transition to clean energy. This is where Ørsted comes in, with decades of experience building, maintaining, and operating offshore wind farms. By building Ocean Wind 1, New Jersey residents gain the clean, reliable power that will give the Garden State an edge in its climate race.

This means building Ocean Wind 1 in the most environmentally responsible way possible. We conduct many environmental studies before a single monopile or substation is built, preserving onshore and offshore ecosystems. Ørsted works to mitigate, minimize, and avoid disruption to marine or coastal ecosystems, supports efforts to improve coastal resilience, and collaborates with organizations across South Jersey to protect local biodiversity.

Community corner

Ocean Wind 1 is your offshore wind farm

Ocean Wind 1 is a big first for New Jersey, and it’s natural to have questions. You can reach out to our team to get answers about the project. 

Project details

Looking for more information about Ocean Wind 1?

From project timelines, to construction milestones, to clean energy benefits, there’s plenty more to learn about Ocean Wind 1. 

Working hand in hand with mariners

The ocean is a crucial resource shared by many industries. Ørsted aims to create an ecosystem in which offshore wind and fishing can both thrive.