The first offshore wind project in New Jersey delivering 1,100 MW of clean, reliable energy

Located 15 miles off the coast of southern New Jersey, and creating enough electricity to power half a million homes

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Coexistence of offshore wind and biodiversity
Offshore wind farm construction

How to build an offshore wind farm

What exactly goes in to constructing an offshore wind farm – and how does power get transported to shore? From site investigations to installation of components at sea, we aim to keep our impact on the surrounding ecosystem to an absolute minimum.


The Ocean Wind 1 project is actively engaging in the permitting process. Read the most recent permitting updates here.

Seven facts about offshore wind

Find out the facts

The truth about offshore wind, the new clean energy source on America’s east coast

What is offshore wind power?

Wind power explained

How we capture the power of the wind at sea to produce clean, reliable electricity

Benefits to the Community

We believe that offshore wind presents an opportunity not just for developers but for local businesses as well, which begins with building a domestic supply chain

Resources & FAQs

Find frequently asked questions and fact sheets about the Ocean Wind project